302 Chapman Point Rd., Hammond, NY 13646
May - Oct: 315.324.5612  |  Cell: 1.315.486.5502  |  backbay@live.com

Camp Guidelines


Campsites: Sites must be kept clean and free from all debris. We assume no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to equipment found on unrented sites. All cars must have a car pass. Only 1 car per campsite.

Check-In & Check-Out Time: In order to be fair to other campers with reservations, check-in time is 1pm and check-out is 10am.

Visitors: Day use guests are required to register at the office and pay fee.

Quiet Time: Days are full at Back Bay’s Campground and 10:30pm to 8am is QUIET TIME. Early risers are asked to talk softly until other campers are awake. Children must not be left unattended and all children 21 and under must be at their campsites by 10:30pm. Please remember voices carry in the night. Use of profanity, loud music or obnoxious disturbances or nuisances WILL NOT be tolerated. Singing and talking must be kept at levels heard on your campsite only, not your neighbor’s. No radios after 10:30pm until 8am.

Dishwashing: No Dishwashing allowed in restrooms or laundry.

Garbage: Place garbage in blue barrels located throughout the park. Recyclables go in containers, as marked, by dumpsters.

Emergency: In an emergency ONLY call 911 or 1-315-486-5502

Campfires: Campfires are a big part of camping fun. They can also be the worst enemy.  They are permitted in the fire rings only. One fire ring per site. FIRE RINGS MUST NOT BE MOVED, due to location of electric and water lines. Fires must be kept under control at all times.

Mini-Bikes/Motorcycles: No mini-bikes or motorcycle riding is permitted in the park. Adult guests shall be permitted to use motorcycles, if this is their mode of transportation, for entering and leaving ONLY. Mufflers that properly quiet the exhaust must be used.

Speed Limit: 5mph speed limit applies to all.

Picnic Table: There is one picnic table per site. Please do not move picnic tables off the site. Charcoal grills are not to be placed on the tables – PLEASE.

Dock Fishing: No one under 12 years of age is allowed without adult and life jackets.

Pets: Pets are allowed, but must be kept on an 6-foot leash and never left unattended by owner. Pets are not allowed in bathrooms or any building enclosures. Nuisance type barking will not be permitted. Two pets per family only. Pets must be cleaned up after – state law.

Destruction: Please do not deface, cut, drive nails into or attach clothes lines or any other objects to trees, bushes, light poles, site sign posts or buildings on campground or adjoining property. Chainsaws positively not permitted. No removing wood from woods. Enjoy what you see. There is a minimum fine of $250 for cutting any standing trees. YOU WILL ALSO BE EVICTED.

Explosives: Fireworks, firearms or any type of explosives are not allowed in the campground .

Drugs: Illegal drugs are prohibited.

Conservation: Many of the plants and animals in our woods will not survive except in their natural habitats. Please help us preserve what is here. Remember, the State of New York has stiff fines for those who pick or destroy wild flowers and trees, or harm wildlife.

Important: All portable toilet, porta-potties and grey water containers must be emptied at the dump station – . DO NOT DUMP IN TOILETS. STATE LAW PROHIBITS DUMPING GREY WATER ON THE GROUND.

Failure to observe the rules of this campground may result n the instant cancellation of your camping privileges. These rules apply to all Back Bay campers. No Refunds.